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Vintage Bathroom Concept with Classic but Chic Complete Bathroom Sets


Interior concept of our bathroom must be able to stimulate us to do our routine in that room. There are so many interior designs we can apply to our bathroom, and vintage is the most unique one. Nowadays, people love to decorate their bathroom with modern theme.

walmart bathroom sets
walmart bathroom sets

By applying vintage theme, you’ll make your bathroom special. Unfortunately, it is not easy to bring vintage theme to your bathroom. You need to find and place the right complete bathroom sets for your vintage bathroom.

When you’re looking for the right complete bathroom sets for vintage bathroom, you must try hard to find antique shower door and roman styled bathtub (that’s made from porcelain with claw foot design).

Besides, you’re required to find bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories sets with art deco theme that are able to complete your vintage bathroom. Finding those stuffs is not easy. All of them are antique stuffs we can’t find easily. Try to find them online. Some sites offer vintage stuffs that have been recycled.

cheap bathroom sets
cheap bathroom sets

Some online stores are even providing new complete bathroom sets that are designed in antique look. Shopping in online stores is not the only way to get the vintage appliances. You can make custom vintage bathroom sets. This way eases you in combining your bathroom sets.

Besides, you must adjust your vintage complete bathroom décor with vintage bathroom flooring. Flooring in 1920s vintage bathroom usually has geometric pattern. Complete your vintage bathroom by installing bright colored tiles on the floor.

Pick tiles with two color combinations such as black and white. Choose tiles that are made from ceramic or natural stones. And then install them until you shape mosaic flooring, checkerboard flooring, or other geometric shapes.

And then choose matte finishing instead of glossy finishing. Matte finishing on your vintage flooring is beautiful and it isn’t slippery. The beauty of vintage flooring that blends with vintage complete bathroom sets will be perfect with vintage bathroom walls.

complete bathroom sets
complete bathroom sets

Create vintage look on your bathroom walls by using bead board or tiles. White bead board with glossy look will complete your complete bathroom sets and presents vintage spirit to your bathroom walls. If you prefer using tiles, choose square shaped tiles that are clear, plain, and without ornament.

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But if you won’t cover the walls with tiles, use neutral or pale paint to color your bathroom walls. Pink, blue, and grey looks pretty, especially if you combine them with white. Build a vintage bathroom by placing vintage styled complete bathroom sets in your bathroom. Next cover the floor with geometric tiles and paint the walls with neutral paint colors.

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