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Tips About Materials And Finishes For Kitchen Cupboards


Material choices for the cupboard doors and panels in your new kitchen will have a dramatic impact on the final look and feel of your new kitchen cupboards. These material finishes will also radically affect the final cost of the finished kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboards
Kitchen Cupboards

Thankfully today we have an almost unlimited choices of materials and textures that can be used in the manufacture of kitchen remodel ideas. Here are some of the more popular Choices available: Melamine, also known as melamine laminate, is an extremely popular choice due to it’s combination of durability, relatively low cost and the tremendously vast choice of available colors.

The melamine laminate cupboard door is 16mm thick and has the color finish applied to both sides of the door or panel, with a specially applied 2mm PVC edging in a color to match. The Melamine door is then known as an impact edged door. New kitchen cabinets that utilize melamine impact edged doors are suitable for creating a modern look kitchen.

Wrap, or thermoformed vinyl wrapped doors, is probably the most used door and panel finish for modern custom kitchen cabinets. The vinyl wrapped door is 19mm thick with the vinyl foil wrapped seamlessly over the front and sides of the medium density fibreboard door, the inside of the door is white.

One great advantage to using Wrap doors and panels for your new kitchen cabinet design is the fact that the process can be applied over a preformed door and panel profile. Modern vinyl and glue technology result in an extremely durable finished product. Wrap doors and panels are eminently suitable built in cabinets where you would like to achieve a classic, country or modern high gloss look kitchen.

Duco and Paint Technique kitchen cupboard doors and panels are medium density particle board doors that have had number of layers or coats of a durable paint applied to them. The finished cupboard doors and panels can have either a high gloss or distressed look. Duco and paint technique doors and panels are suited to classic, country and cottage type kitchens.

Solid Wood kitchen doors and panels are exactly as the name suggests, made from aesthetically pleasing solid timber. A number of shapes and profiles are available to choose from. Solid wood best kitchen cabinets doors are extremely durable and create that classic look kitchen.

Semi-Solid kitchen cupboard doors are just as durable as solid wood doors but have the center panel of the door replaced with a laminated panel. The use of semi-solid cupboard doors and panels drastically reduce the cost of the final kitchen.

Veneer shaker cabinets doors and panels are used where you would still like a door that appears to be made from solid timber, would also like the durability of solid wood doors but would prefer a final cost that is more affordable.

Discount cabinets are aimed at the upper end of the market. These base cabinets doors and panels are manufactured by applying an acrylic laminate to a medium density particle board. The available finishes are either textured or high gloss. Cost of kitchen cabinets doors and panels are perfect for creating a look that is both modern and timeless.

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