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The Ultimate Secret Of How To Choose Best Kitchen Appliances


Whatever your lifestyle you will want to select kitchen appliance that look good and make life easier, not more difficult. When buying kitchen appliances you certainly do not want to be buying problems. The ‘help and information’ section of our site will help you choose your kitchen appliances and avoid some possible pitfalls.

Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Appliances

In the Appliance Information section we will look individuallyat some of the more popular types of kitchen appliances. With any major purchase after sales service is important as general advice when buying any new kitchen appliances you should consider the details of any warranties given.

New kitchen appliance packages should normally be covered by a comprehensive parts and labour guarantee for 12 months from the date of purchase. Here are a few guidelines to help you avoid any possible pitfalls discount appliances. If a breakdown occurs during the guarantee period, telephone the manufacturer’s service department quoting model number and date of purchase with an outline description of the fault

You should not be charged a call out fee or for parts or labour. Do not allow engineers other than the manufacturers authorised representatives to work on your goods during the guarantee period or you may invalidate the guarantee. Watch out for free extended warranties as part of sales promotions. Normally you have to purchase these.

Sometimes these extended warranties can be expensive but they do give peace of mind. Extended warranties are really just like an insurance policy and you may be able to get a better deal from an independent broker. Some credit card companies now offer free of charge extended guarantees when using the card to purchase your product.

Check out the finer details from the credit card issuer. Be sure what is included and what is not. Guarantees do not always provide for free parts labour and call out; you may have to pay for some of these. Clarify your understanding of some of the words used, e.g. what does “lifetime” mean? yours?, the fridge, the budgie?.

Buying a well-known brand from a manufacturer who employs proper quality controls will usually minimise future problems. Products with few moving parts, like fridges and freezers, tend to be the most reliable. It may be worth considering extended warranties for items, which do a lot of hard work like laundry machines, and ovens.

After the guarantee has expired you could save money by using a local service contractor. Just be sure that they are familiar with your brand and that you know what the charges will be and what they cover. The manufacturers own service agents may be more expensive but they usually have a better access to parts and are trained in their own products.

If you feel that you are not getting satisfaction from the manufacturers service department contact the appliance stores where you initially purchased the product. Good retailers will be happy to assist you with rectifying any problems that may have occurred and will want to hear about any failures on the manufacturers part to attain a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

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