The Love Story of The Couple Prove It Comes Out Without Age


Love never knew the age limit. As happened by the couple in Alabama, United States this. Despite having entered a young age, the couple are happily welcoming their wedding day.

The Love Story of The Couple Prove It Comes Out Without Age
The Love Story of The Couple Prove It Comes Out Without Age

The 70-year-old Cleveland Wilson and her fiancé Lucinda Myers, 67, became viral after an engagement photo taken by a photographer, Gianna Snell, spread across the internet. Not only that, the story of how Cleveland and Lucinda meet this also steal more attention.

Cleveland’s 41-year-old wife died three years ago. Meanwhile, Lucinda has divorced and lived alone for 30 years. They met in 2013 at a Hunstville church, Ala, after each of them suffered a loss of love.

After sitting on the balcony of the same church for three years and admiring each other from afar, the couple finally spoke to each other as Cleveland gave kudos to Lucinda.

The compliment given Cleveland left Lucinda surprised. Several weeks passed and they did not meet. When reunited at the church, the grandfather of four of these grandchildren came back closer to Lucinda.

Since then, the seeds of love began to emerge between Cleveland and Lucinda until they finally decided to get married on Saturday (07/29/2017). They also decided to have to do a photo shoot in the park downtown Huntsville. According to Gianna, as a photographer he does not need to encourage or direct them to romantic poses because both Cleveland and Lucinda have shown their love naturally.

Cleveland and Lucinda have no trouble demonstrating their affection for each other in front of the camera. Gianna who managed to capture happy moments Cleveland and Lucinda is also shared his photo to the audience and hope to inspire many people.

This couple gives so much hope that anyone should never give up on their dream of finding love. Cleveland and Lucinda show that love is not just for the young. And it’s never too late to find love. “It reveals that it is never too late to believe that you will smile again, dance again, love again,” Gianna said.

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