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Southwestern Style and Green Building Concept for Modern House Design


Nowadays, modern house design is the most popular design that’s chosen and applied by many families around the world. If you’re interested to build a modern house for your future household, you may want to consider building modern house with flat roof.

modern house design
modern house design

Flat roof is designed to make your house looks more contemporary. Besides, it accentuates your landscape around your modern house. Even though it is called flat roof, it is not totally flat since it is designed with sloping part that’s able to drain the roof from rainwater.

For you, there are some modern architectural styles that will look perfect with flat roof. First modern house design is house with southwestern architectural design. Most southwestern styled houses are having adobe exterior design. In the beginning, people built their southwestern styled houses using homemade adobe.

They created the adobe by mixing soil, water, and straw. Then, they dried their adobe by sunbathing adobe mixture under the sunlight. For modern southwestern house, you can use cement instead of adobe. But yet, make sure that its appearance looks like adobe.

Make a modern house design plan with southwestern style by using recessed casement and bricks for the flooring. Canals on your flat roof are needed to complete this southwestern modern house design. The canals will drain the rainwater from your flat roof. And for the flat roof itself, loam in red color is the most popular material you can also use for your flat roof.

Another architectural modern house plan you can apply for your new house is green building. This modern house design is a modern house that has not only flat roof but also eco friendly roof. Modern house with flat roof is an ideal field for homeowners who want to create green and eco friendly concept since their roof that’s really flat is an ideal place for solar panels.

Besides, homeowners can make a roof garden over their house. And if there is outdoor terrace next by their roof garden, they’ll have the most beautiful modern house. If you’re going to build a house in the middle of city where there is limited space to build a garden, this green building is the best choice for you.

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The plants on your roof garden over the modern house design will work as natural conditioning and oxygen suppliers. Besides, those plants will fix the air quality around your modern house and maintaining the internal temperature inside your house. Roof garden is also a brilliant idea to absorb rainwater. So, is this green building house plan is the best choice for you?

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