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Simple Bathroom Designs and Ideas to Try


Either you have small space or just want to save more space in the bathroom, simple bathroom designs should work very well. It is because this bathroom design doesn’t need more accessories or too many bathroom components that will take more space.

simple bathroom designs
simple bathroom designs

That is why this design is really favored by homeowner who have small bathroom as this design can work perfectly with the simple bathroom design ideas. You can also get this design too.

In this bathroom design, you will find there is something more valuable than others and it is the space. And in these simple bathroom designs all things will be designed and installed by considering the space that can be spared.

That is why there is a nice combination of storage, arrangement and also double function bathroom components like mirror that is built with medicine cabinet. It can surely save more spaces.

simple bathroom remodel
simple bathroom remodel

Besides the arrangement, storage and also double functions of bathroom components, in these simple bathroom designs you should also consider the right colors to apply. You can select the color from the pictures of simple bathroom color where all of them have simple and fresh colors to add to your bathroom interior.

You can go with one color or use some colors to mix. Just make sure the colors are well mixed like green and white, green and light green and others. There are more to try. The last is about refreshing and relaxing accents. Indeed, although these are about simple bathroom designs, it doesn’t mean you will not find something relaxing and refreshing in the bathroom.

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So, you can install a large window near a bathtub and let the sunlight enter the bathroom and you can also enjoy the outside view with your green garden or backyard. At the day, this window can be used as the source of light where it is more refreshing than you use electric light.

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