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Sealy Mattress Prices USA


Sealy Mattress is one of the brand comes from the USA with world famous Sealy Posturepedic products. Beginning in 1881, Sealy Mattress product model has become the first choice by consumers around the world.

Sealy Mattress Prices USA
Sealy Mattress Prices USA

More interestingly again, many world famous hotels, one of which includes Dubai, Macao, Singapore, China, and Bulgari Residence in Bali, Indonesia that has trust products from Sealy Mattress. Not only that, there are many more other hotels that have used Sealy Mattress.

This is because the Sealy Mattress has many advantages, including a spring-loaded technology called Posture Tech Titanium Coil that can distribute the load of the body in a balanced way. So it will give you power a more optimal body burden and also the comfort of the bed.

The Sealy Brand Collection also offers many unique facilities which are not owned by in most entry level mattress brands. One of the benefits is in comfort Innerspring which will provide a high level of durability and performance with up to 98% PostureTech coil.

In addition, it also offers support for high-quality memory foam that will adjust to the contours of the body. So you stay fresh when woke up and will always be ready to leave the daily activities for many years. This time Sealy Mattress has four options and models for sale ranging from the most expensive to cheapest price, Sealy mattress prices in the USA start from $499 to $2,499.

Sealy Posturepedic Classic Series

For about 60 years, many families around the world have trusted Sealy Posturepedic classic series to get a different bed comfort. In addition to having 736 Springs combined with titanium, Sealy classic series has also been using technology memory foam gel which is located in the central part of the maximum support that you need.

Sealy Posturepedic Gel Series

Gel Series will improve during this legendary comfort you expect. Sealy gel series has combined between the uniqueness of memory foam with gel technology support Posturepedic Classic DS Coil or Inexpring Apex Coil. The main function of this is gel memory foam to support the movement low transfer individually.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Series

Sealy hybrid series will combine the two mattress technology into one big mattress. With the design half of foam hybrid series will take you into a superior level of comfort. There is a layer of memory foam on top of the gel designed for adjusting your body shape. Meanwhile, at the bottom there are 825 combined titanium spring, so that it will provide support to its fullest and also serves to reduce the transfer of motion.

Sealy Optimum Mattress

Sealy Optimum series has an excess of 12 times more effective to reduce excessive heat from the memory foam standard foam or gel. Made with Memory Foam and Gel Opticool OptiSense combined with Outlast material, which is a superior temperature regulator. So you will feel comfortable and feels fresh when it woke up. Sealy Optimum mattresses series also will be able to adjust the dimensions of your body in every movement.

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