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Round Bathroom Rugs and Some Other Types of Rug for Your Bathroom


There are several types of round bathroom rugs we can place in our bathroom. Those rugs are designed in various colors and assorted patterns. Some other bathroom rugs come in oval shape, rectangular shape, and other shapes.

round bathroom rugs
round bathroom rugs

The size of bath round bathroom rugs is available in numerous options too. Diameter of small round rug is about twenty one inches and the diameter of the large one can be five feet. When you’re looking for rug for your bathroom, make sure you choose one that fits your bathroom floor.

Round bathroom rugs, contour rugs, toilet lid covers, and bath mats are some types of rugs we can place in our bathroom. Every type of rugs for bathroom above has different design. Round cotton bath rugs for example, are designed to be placed in front of bathroom vanity or under bathroom sinks.

Those basic bathroom rugs in front of vanity or under the sink will keep us feel comfortable when we stand in front of the sink to wash our face, brush our teeth, or using the makeup.

round bathroom rug
round bathroom rug

Bath mats and round bathroom rugs are not same. If the basic bathroom rug is designed to comfort us when we’re using bathroom sink or bathroom vanity, bath mat has special position: nearby a bathtub or a shower. Bath mat works by soaking up water that comes out from our shower or our bathtub.

By the help of bath mat, we can protect our floor around bathtub and shower and keep it dry. Besides, bath mat also protects us from slipping. Since bath mat soaks up the water, it keeps the floor dry and we won’t slip when we step out of our tub or shower.

Another type of bathroom rug is contour rug that the shape is totally different from round bathroom rugs. The shape of contour rug is unique since it is designed to be fit around our toilet base.

small round bathroom rugs
small round bathroom rugs

Purchase contour rug and place it on the floor around your toilet now. Contour rug will protect the floor under the toilet and it provides softness for our feet. It makes us feel comfort when we’re using the toilet.

That’s all types of rugs for bathroom. Since every rug has different function, make sure you buy not only the basic round bathroom rugs but also the other rugs for your shower and bathtub also for your toilet. Buy rugs in same color and motif so that your bathroom will look ideal and pretty.

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Round bathroom rugs are the basic type of bathroom rugs. There are some other types of bathroom rugs you must know. Come and see other bathroom types and grab them for your bathroom.

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