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Our Privacy Policy created to help you understand how we get and use content that you get from Homedesignideasplans.com

By using or accessing Homedesignideasplans.com, we assume you’ve received the things which we define in this Privacy Policy. If you have questions or suggestions about us this statement, please contact support@homedesignideasplans.com

Information We Get
When you visit Homedesignideasplans.com, you will get two types of information, the information that you send (post) and then we save it, and the information we send / us input from various sources by the editorial team Homedesignideasplans.com.

When you sign up, you send your personal information such as name, e-mail, telephone, home address, and other information required for the registration process.

As you enter Homedesignideasplans.com, we (that we use automation system) collects the data type of browser you are using, and your IP address. This information is automatically collected from all visitors Homedesignideasplans.com. besides we also captures information originating from the browser you are using (cookies). A cookie is a small statistical information is usually automatically stored on the computer you use, containing about a variety of user data. Normally the browser to use it for operations login to your account and keeps you can log in during the specified time. In general cookies are automatically deleted when the browser you are using is closed.

Clicking when you input the website content to Homedesignideasplans.com with the risk that you will own responsibility. Although we apply methods of data security, but no one can guarantee that all these efforts are not perfect and impenetrable. Homedesignideasplans.com can not control other users who might you give the right to access to the page and see your information. Therefore, we can not guarantee the content you post (send) to our website, not to be viewed by the parties – the parties do not have access rights. You know that copies of user data / user, even after it is removed, it can be left on the computer cache and the page in the save, either by yourself or another user.

The entire data entry activities that are not supposed to and misuse of information in Homedesignideasplans.com is a violation of the Terms of Service / regulations and must be reported to Homedesignideasplans.com

Data usage articles and Information Obtained by Homedesignideasplans.com By the time you register to Homedesignideasplans.com, you create your own personal data, and personal data can be seen by anyone, either by registered visitor on Homedesignideasplans.com or not. Furthermore Homedesignideasplans.com will also facilitate so that the visitors can interact with an easier way like halnyha on social networking websites. We may use your name and email address to send you the benefit of the services related to the latest report from Homedesignideasplans.com which we think will be useful to you.

Homedesignideasplans.com can process the data source Homedesignideasplans.com members for the sake of development in the future.

Cookies and Other Technology
Cookies that are a part of the data stored on your computer as a user with regard to sources of information about the computer user. Homedesignideasplans.com using a session ID cookie types, which means when the user closes the browser, the cookie will automatically be deleted. besides Cookies are also used to set the session in the pages of our website. User is obliged to enable cookies if you want to use our website.

In addition users can also use cookies to remember your password so that the purpose can automatically log in to the site Homedesignideasplans.com. We will not use cookies for the purpose of collecting any personal data from visitors who are not meant to be delivered on our interests.

IP addresses (IP Addresses)
Homedesignideasplans.com store data IP (Internet Protocol) address, or the location of your computer on the Internet, for purposes of system administration. We empower IP address as a whole, to the benefit so that we can know the locations of users who access our site.

Data Log / Log Files
We only use log data to use in the form of a whole to analyze web usage ours.