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Precious House Design Pictures with Brick and Wood Materials


A house with brick lattice on the walls looks so stunning. Brick lattice is allowing the sunlight to come into our terrace, without making our terrace too visible and without reducing our privacy. Wall with brick lattice is a special design you can apply to your home.

modern house
modern house

In the internet, there are many ideas and house design pictures with brick lattice. You’re free to take those house design pictures exterior or you want to make your own brick lattice design.

Brick lattice is also a nice choice for people who are interested to build two-floor house. Try to find two-floor house design pictures with brick lattice that will inspire you to build your own house with bricks. Brick lattice will beautify the bedroom and balcony on the upstairs.

This brick ornament will also prettify another bedroom and living room that’s located around the patio deck on the downstairs. Rows of beautiful red bricks that look slim and organized in random settings to create small gaps allow the sunlight to reach your patio or terrace.

modern houses
modern houses

The structure of brick will look different and unique if you design it and use it in the right way. You’re still able to build a unique house with brick lattice in the middle of big city even if the land price is becoming higher and higher, as long as you know how to use special techniques in applying brick lattice to your own house design pictures.

Just make sure your house plan is not too big. And then use bricks that are more affordable than the other materials. And even if bricks are affordable and economical, your house with brick lattice will be so exotic.

minecraft modern house
minecraft modern house

For the downstairs, you can build patio deck and dark colored wooden stairs. Build the patio deck and the wooden stairs in dark color right in the middle of your house. The stairs and patio deck will help you dividing the downstairs maximally.

For example you can use wooden stairs and patio deck to separate a bedroom and a kitchen. Besides, some house interior design pictures with wooded materials inside the room and brick outside look so wonderful. Your house will be as cool as those house design pictures if you imitate the ideas carefully.

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Combination of brick lattice outside and wood inside your house will make your house looks not only natural but also artistic. Just get the most outstanding house design pictures you want and try to apply the ideas you see in the pictures into your own home. And a stunning house will be yours.

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