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Precious Architectural Styles and Modern Home Plan for Futuristic Home


Before you buy the materials you’ll need to buy a house, you must decide the architectural design of your house first. And then you can start making a home plan and continue the step by ordering building materials to build a house.

modern home plans
modern home plans

The architectural design of a house will influence your house plan, that’s why you must decide it very first. There are many architectural designs you can consider for your new house. Keep reading and you’ll see some of those architectural designs.

First architectural design you can opt before making a home plan is art deco architectural design. An art deco building is identical with geometric and linier designs. People who owned this art deco houses applied flat roof over their house. Some others even storey flat roof over their art deco house.

If you want something cool, art deco house design with its futuristic look is the greatest choice for you. Make your art deco house looks more modern by applying strong vertical lines accent and curved corners.

mid century modern home plans
mid century modern home plans

If you will make a small home plan with art deco architectural design, you can make it looks more elegant by adding sunbursts ornament and unique details for its exterior. For the windows, add a unique accent by creating something looks like eyebrows over your windows.

This will help you deflecting the sunlight and preventing sunlight from keeping the interior of your art deco house mild and chilly. Now, to realize your home plan with art deco architectural design, use steel and glass, they’re most popular materials used to build art deco house.

modern home floor plans
modern home floor plans

Modern home plan with modern architectural design is the most popular and wanted today. Nowadays, modern houses are designed with flat roof that is able to maximize the building area. Besides, modern architectural is also identical with thick structure and straight line.

Modern architectural style is also identical with freedom and is accentuating the shape and function instead of the complicated ornaments. That’s why flat roof is the best home plan to support modern architectural design especially that has minimalist design.

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The interior of modern home plan is also identical with no obstacle. If you love something modern on your house, you’re suggested to choose modern architectural house style and use materials that will accentuate the modern look such as iron, concrete, plastic, steel, and glass. Wood is not a good accessory for a modern house, so you may want to avoid its presence in your modern house.

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