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Original Mattress Factory Prices


In the USA there are some of the best mattress brands are sold in the market. Each of the competing brands by offering various types of mattress that is comfortable with some of the other advantages. Some brands have been well known since many years ago and maybe you already know.

Original Mattress Factory Prices
Original Mattress Factory Prices

When want to buy you will have two options, i.e. can I buy mattress full set or mattress only. The best mattress brands usually not only prioritizes design and aesthetics, but also your comfort while sleeping on the mattress. Well, this time we will provide references about the best mattress brands-made USA.

In addition to the already long famous, this brand has also been used by people all over the world. What the hell is his name, and why it could be one of the best options? The original mattress factory is a brand long trusted and you can try to select it.

The idea of the original mattress factory originally came from Ron Trzcinski, more precisely after a few months he left the Ohio mattress company. At that time, Ohio mattress is one of the largest mattress manufacturer in the world and they have managed to market the product under the brand name stearns & foster and the sealy.

More interestingly again, that you can feel assured that you now have chosen the best mattress that has a high quality and also suits the needs of you. Original mattress factory currently has opened stores in almost all regions and you can visit the nearest one from home.

In an effort to provide the best products for consumers, the company has nine basic principles and policies will continue to remind and guide all employees to produce the best products. Well, if you are looking for the original mattress factory, here is a reference price that you need to know.

Model Mattress Only Mattress & Box Spring
Classic One $179 $299
Classic $249 $369
Classic Luxury Firm $279 $399
Classic EuroTop $349 $469
Classic Plush $379 $499
Regency Sapphire $419 $579
Regency Sapphire EuroTop $419 $579
Orthopedic Extra Firm $489 $699
Orthopedic Adjustable $489 $699
Orthopedic Luxury Firm $489 $699
Orthopedic Ultra Firm $589 $799
Orthopedic Ultra Plush $589 $799
Orthopedic Pillow Top $609 $819
Orthopedic Premier Super Pillow Top $679 $889
Orthopedic EuroTop $929 $1139
Serenity $1319 $1499
Serenity Plush $1499 $1679
Serenity Latex $1489 $1669

In the original mattress factory, you will have many options as the full mattress sets available in many models like the full size which is about 53 “x 75” and also the mattress only. Because it is sold separately, you can choose according to your needs IE can buy box springs or full size mattresses only.

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