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Methods Of How To Choose A Kitchen Refrigerator Size Domination


A refrigerator can be a stand-alone item or if you desire the built in look it can be integrated in the kitchen units. They can be an all in one fridge freezer or separate appliances. Built under models are the most popular , with the freezer fitted under the worktop. A standard 600mm furniture door simply fits on to the front of the appliance & the plinth on the bottom conceals the rest.

Kitchen Refrigerator
Kitchen Refrigerator

More expensive best refrigerator models often feature all glass interior shelves as opposed to the wire plastic coated type. The running costs of a freezer are measured & displayed in categories A to G with the former being the most efficient. This information will be recorded on a label on the front of the appliance where the product is displayed in showrooms.

White still outsells any other freezer color or finish choices now include stainless steel, silver & even black. The fifties retro look has made an impact with pastel colors and curved edges. Stainless steel is popular at the higher end of the market, with the latest new finish to arrive in the showrooms Aluminium.

When selecting an integrated appliance a counter depth refrigerator can be built into a tall housing or built under the worktop. Both appliances are different so be sure to order the right appliance for the fitting situation. Stand alone or free standing models traditionally 500-600mm wide are now available in deluxe widths of up to 750mm.

A super selection of these is available stainless steel refrigerator. For bigger capacity opt for one of the impressive American designs. These ‘monster’ models up to 27cft in capacity are up to 900mm wide and 850 900mm deep. Many of these models have ice and water dispensers fitted to the front of the appliance.

Most of these appliances are also frost-free. Remember if you select one of these models the appliance will be deeper than your fitted kitchen cabinets, which are normally 600mm in depth. Prices for models mentioned here vary immensely. Expect to pay around £300 – £500 for a built in unit.

American models start at around £1200 with some top end models exceeding £3000. Leading manufacturers include Neff, Bosch, AEG, Smeg, Miele and Siemens. Further information on the options available is contained in our help and information.

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