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Making Sure Your Furnace Ducts Are In Working Condition


If there is a problem with your heating pipe, your heater will not work as it should. As a result, you may find yourself paying more for heating. Your rooms may also not heat the way you want them to.

Making Sure Your Furnace Ducts Are In Working Condition
Making Sure Your Furnace Ducts Are In Working Condition

Further, a problem with your furnace ducts can cause excessive wear and tear on your furnace by forcing it to work harder. Let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot and fix some common duct problems.

Eliminate The Obvious
Before checking your vents and ducts, you need to inspect your furnace filter. A dirty filter can make you think you have duct problems when you really don’t. Extremely dirty filters, of course, have to be replaced.

It’s also best to conduct all your airflow tests without the filter in place. By doing so, you know the problem isn’t the filter if there is indeed inadequate airflow.

Check The Vents
With your furnace tuned up, check the vents in each room. You want to make sure that the airflow is the same for each room. If you notice a vent that doesn’t have the same airflow as the others, there is a chance the duct may be blocked.

If you notice a problem with a vent, turn off the heat and remove the vent cover; something might be stuck behind the vent. There are times when pieces of paper or other items can find their way into the vents. If you don’t find anything, it’s time to check the duct.

Finding And Fixing Duct Leaks
Physically inspecting the duct will allow you to see if there are any gaps or breaks in the seams. Look for large leaks first. If  none is found, turn on the heat and feel for any air coming out of the ducts. There are times when small leaks can only be found by feeling for air while the furnace is operating.

If you happen to find leaks, use metal tape to fix the leak. Wrapping the metal tape around the duct a couple of times will stop most leaks. Make sure that the tape doesn’t get pushed inside the ducts while you are wrapping it around.

Dealing With Blockages
A blockage may also be the problem. You can rent an air duct cleaning system if you find that your ducts are blocked. The systems will have an agitator to move blockages. A vacuum will then remove any blockage that has been sufficiently agitated.

In order to operate a duct cleaning system, introduce the agitator down the vent. Once you have worked the agitator, remove it and insert the vacuum. Test the heat when done. If needed, repeat the process.

There you have it. You now know how to find out whether or not you have a problem with your furnace ducts. You also know how to deal both with leaks and with blockages.

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