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Magnificent Grey Bedroom Ideas for Romantic and Masculine Room Feeling


Grey bedroom ideas can be said as one of the popular colors in the world that is usually used as the color idea of decorating room. This neutral color is identical with contemporary, eclectic, and even traditional room styles. Like white color, grey is always on.

white bedroom set
white bedroom set

The color can actually be combined with many colors even with bold colors like orange, red, purple, and also yellow colors. Can you imagine how will your room look like when it is combined with those colors?

Here are great interior design which can transform your room becoming the most comfortable room.

There are many wood panelling that can be applied. The color can also be incorporated with the other colors. Don’t you think that grey color is cool and also soothing?

You can have grey bedroom ideas decorating and then transform the master bedroom in your home becoming relaxing sanctuary. Combined with modern furniture the grey color can be perfect room color decorating ideas.

One of the best bed linen is grey and white bedroom ideas. The combination of grey and white color in your room can create elegant and also cool look.

modern bedroom furniture
modern bedroom furniture

The bedside tables neutral palette as the result of white and grey combination can be perfectly combined with room accessories like crystal chandelier, elegant night stand, or even knick knacks.

You can choose any colors accents for the accessories to be combined with white and grey. The combination of white and grey will create romantic room ambiance.

If you want to get masculine look in your room, especially for men, here are the best grey bedroom ideas. You can go with grey walls which are then combined with furniture in dark color.

It will create clean and contemporary lines in your room. Choose the dim lighting to create dramatic impression in your bedroom.

If you do not like dark and you want to add the rich color touch, you can combine elegant grey with navy, crimson, or burgundy colors. Those are the best color for men.

contemporary bedroom furniture
contemporary bedroom furniture

Actually, there are still many grey bedroom ideas that can be applied in your room.

Take for example the colors combination of gray and deep blue color which is then warmed with dark furniture side tables and wood floor.

It will not look too monochromatic. If you need more information about romantic grey bedroom ideas, actually you can simply search grey bedroom pictures in the internet websites and pick one that you like.

Grey tone are great room decorating ideas. You can combine the color of grey with another color for creating romantic, soothing, and even masculine ambiance in bedroom.

Perhaps dating can be a good excuse for insomniacs who have trouble sleeping at night.

Perhaps it also applies to those of you who have tried various ways of sleeping, but without success. Insomnia itself has many causes, but you know, bedroom paint color could be one of them?

queen size bedroom sets
queen size bedroom sets

May sound strange to say that the paint color in the bedroom causes insomnia, or perhaps worsens it.

But it could be that a room paint color that’s too bad is making your insomnia worse!

While there are several bedroom paint color designs that are proving popular; like black and white, using red as the bedroom paint color grey bedroom ideas or green, which is the best bedroom paint color for relaxing.

So which room paint color is good for you? This question prompted Zillow Digs, one of the real estate and rental markets, to investigate 50,000 photos of homes that have already been sold.

The result? They found that houses and rooms with certain car colors sold for a higher price than houses with other room paint colors.

The following 9 colors are the least favorite colors for home buyers, make sure you don’t use them as room paint colors.

9 Colors to Avoid for Bedroom Paint

mens bedroom ideas
mens bedroom ideas

1. Dark Brown Bedroom Color

The second room paint color to avoid next is dark brown. Not half-baked, according to research by Zillow, houses with dark brown bedroom paint are selling for $ 236 less than they should.

I was so disgusted that the Australian government thought of using this color as the color of a cigarette box.

If you don’t like brown like this, don’t you want to use it as a paint color for your room?

Alternatively, you can choose khaki or light green as the paint color or grey bedroom ideas decorating.

2.White Bedroom Color

The palette of white, or white walls, seems safe to use as a room paint color. The proof, according to Zillow, is that houses with off-white paint color sell for about $ 82 less than his estimate.

Still, feel free to choose white as the paint color for your room! If your bedroom is fairly organized with the right furniture, white is not the room paint color you should be afraid of.

But remember, mix and match white with colorful home decor. For example, choose tapestries in pastel colors, hang the typeface that you like the most and hang photo frames of you and your family or friends.

Also pay attention to the color of the curtains you choose! To compensate for the white paint color that appears neutral and flat, choose shades with bold colors like red or yellow.

One of the alternative room paint colors you can use is wheat yellow, don’t use bold colors as room paint colors, especially if your room is small.

3. Orange Bedroom Color

The bright, cheery orange makes it suitable as a playroom color, unfortunately this does not apply to bedroom paint colors.

Especially for those of you who have insomnia. Instead of resting peacefully, he cannot sleep because the paint color in the room is too bright.

If you insist on using orange in your bedroom, go for softer shades like peach. Make it an accent in your room, for example on an ottoman table or chair.

4. Terracotta Bedroom Color

For those of you who are not familiar with the term terracotta, you can definitely find this color in pots.

The color-painted house sold for $ 793 less than Zillow’s estimate. Avoid paint colors in the room that are too bright like red, orange, or purple.

You might consider a muted color option like light gray if you’re looking for a classic print.

5. Yellow Bedroom Color

Like orange, yellow is not recommended for room paint colors. In general, a room paint color that is too bright can be overly stimulating to your mind.

Especially if your room is relatively small. Instead of relaxing, you actually have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is getting worse, right?

6. Slate Gray Bedroom Color

Ash tones are great, but not all grays are great. Slate gray, if the general public is better known as dark gray, may be the worst choice when choosing your bedroom paint color.

Not only for bedrooms, slate gray is also not recommended for the color of the dining room.

The test, the sale value of the house with the slate dining grey room lost $ 1,112.

Also, slate grey bedding is often considered too gloomy for the paint color of the room.

In contrast, a choice of paint colors for lighter rooms, such as light gray or light gray, actually raised the asking price by $ 1,104.

7. Red Bedroom Color

Red is a very vibrant color like a grey and pink bedroom ideas, even too vibrant and it can affect your mind to be too active at bedtime.

Therefore, it is best to avoid all red room paint colors or all red furniture in your bedroom. However, you can add red accents to small items like accent pillows.

8. Black Bedroom Color

In feng shui, black is considered to absorb energy. Therefore, people often mistakenly think that black is the right choice for the paint color of the room.

In fact, if you choose to paint the entire room black, it is not impossible for you to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

Black and grey bedroom ideas is not recommended for room paint colors, especially for children’s rooms.

9. Lime Green Bedroom Color

Considered a symbol of serenity, green is often the favorite color in homes. Especially for room paint colors.

But did you know that, like other bright color palettes, green is not considered a good choice for bedroom decor paint colors?

Green tones, in addition to symbolizing calm, also symbolize a burst of energy. Like red, yellow, and orange, colors that can stimulate your mind should be avoided as room paint colors.

Aside from the paint color in the room, what is often lost (although it is important) is the lighting.

The color of the lamp you choose should match the paint color in the room; choose blue bedroom, yellow or white? This can determine the overall theme of your room later on.

Do not forget to choose the right type of lamp, for example, choosing a chandelier or wall lamp.

The types of lamps are also different, as you can hear, there are types of bulbs and LED lamps.

Well, after reading about room paint colors above for example light grey or shades of grey, should you think twice about buying paint?

Instead of sleeping soundly every day, your insomnia is made worse by the wrong choice of paint color for the room.

Also make sure to use a comfortable mattress so that you sleep better.

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