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Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown


The kitchen is one of the important rooms in the House. As a place to cultivate food, dirty kitchens very vulnerable with the presence of oil, seasoning, splashes up washing dirty dishes. No wonder, the appearance of the cluttered kitchen make homeowners so lazy to cook or even just drop into this room.

Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown
Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown

But along with the trend of healthy lifestyle, fast food or junk food began to be avoided and start switch with organic foods that are processed manually. Kitchen remodeling becomes the main steps that must be done for the sake of encouraging the spirit of cooking the homeowners!

Renovating a kitchen is simple but requires careful planning. Ranging from budget planning to the concept that want highlighted.

Kitchen remodeling can involve many parties. Starting from interior designer who designed the layout, to the contractor down directly in the work of mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Don’t want your savings drained since the renovation of space to cook it? Check out some tips on frugal kitchen renovation cost breakdown here.

1. Specify a budget and manage well
Determine the budget for renovation of the kitchen and stay disciplined on the figure does look a little difficult. But there is a general guide that is commonly used by people. Another option, you could take into account how long it will stay in the House. If less than five years, then the kitchen renovation is quite limited at 15 percent of the total sale price of your home.

While if more than five years, there is no harm in designing the space to cook for your family as comfortable as possible.

2. Know the breakdown costs incurred
It is important that You want to plan a renovation when mastered space. Did you know that the cost of paying the handyman services could reach 30 percent of total budget? While, for the kitchen set into the second thing Your budget slashed.

Before You run out of funds left, lets not make careful calculations for each expenditure. Don’t forget to leave 20 percent of the budget for unexpected costs.

3. Make small DIY to reduce costs
Considering the price of the paid services of the mortgagee is not cheap, it’s good You installments small jobs that can be done. Some examples of do-it-yourself you can do include repainting walls or restart conceal long drawers with paint to make it look new. If love to make crafts, feel free to post your own creations or painting artwork in your kitchen.

4. Avoid the temptation of buying Expensive Furniture
To avoid a budget leaked it’s good to focus on the model kitchen that you want to make. No need to add to the decor of the kitchen furniture is too much. Made as simple as possible and adjust Your cooking needs.

5. Select a design that is timeless yet functional
The last thing that no less important is the timeless design is select by time. You can consult an interior designer to choose a style that fits with broad fitting room. The selection of a neutral color like earth tone can also be the investment that fit if you want to sell your home in the next few years.

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