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Kitchen Remodeling Clearwater Backsplash Tips


Most people do not care for the appearance of a bare painted wall behind their sink. Although the sand shade of the painted kitchen back splash mixed nicely with both a dark-colored marble like countertop and the mid-brown wood grain finish of the upper cabinet, it merely required one thing to bring it to life.

Kitchen Remodel Tips
Kitchen Remodel Tips

Because I’m simply leasing the condo, I need to invest as little as possible, but enable it to be good looking, yet not over bearing. My final decision came to be 2″ x 2″ ceramic for the kitchen back splash tile style. Selecting started to be a serious issue with a wide variety of shades, shapes and designs at the home service centers.

They are available in very small to large squares, rectangular, rounds and hexagonal, as well as in ceramic, plastic, glass and metal. First, I searched the web for kitchen back splash tile in addition to a great number of websites displaying stunning colors and several various styles.

When the kitchen remodel, I envisioned myself standing in front of the kitchen sink quite a few times a day, day in and day out. Could I get weary of these colors or shapes several years down the line? Several colors were deeper than the countertop and some styles appeared too close to the quite popular dark marble like countertops demonstrated in their modern kitchen model.

When selecting that ceramic tile will be the best option:

  • The Color
  • Style, shape and size
  • Exactly what is available and reasonably priced
  • Effortless to clean
  • Will be effortlessly applied

To decide on the suitable kitchen back splash tile, I made a numerous outings to many major building supply stores in addition to some smaller hardware and tile and flooring stores. Inside the large stores they had quite a few kitchens on display featuring the newest in counter surfaces and back splash styles.

A few had only painted walls and as a consequence appeared unfinished, however the ceramic tile undoubtedly added the final touch, although some of the small tile looked somewhat busy and difficult to clean. Prior to leaving the condo I had taken photos of my kitchen with my tablet and showed these to the kitchen designers at the building supply store to assist me pick the best back splash tile designs using their range of colors, shapes and sizes.

I additionally took pictures of these model kitchens to determine what will match with my kitchen. Using the pictures on my 7″ tablet it was simple to show them to some my buddies and acquire their viewpoint on what they believe should be the appropriate ceramic tile.

Your tiles available smaller than 4″ square have been attached to a coarse mesh 12″ x 12″ in order that the grout lines will be equally spaced and to ensure it is simple to paste to the wall. I bought several different 12 x 12 squares and propped them up against the kitchen design back splash to determine which one looked proper and other ones I could return to the store for credit.

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