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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Dark Cabinets


What is a backsplash for dark cabinets? According to Sunlight, the backsplash is the wall between the kitchen cabinets, the dishwasher, and the stove. Usually this part of the wall is covered with ceramic in various attractive designs. Why do you have to use a backsplash in our kitchen interior design?

backsplash for dark cabinets
The area behind kitchen cabinets, sinks, and stoves is the area in the kitchen most prone to getting dirty.

The backsplash plays an important role in keeping the kitchen area easy to clean. Not only as a protector, the backsplash also works to decorate kitchen interior design, you know!

Some of these design ideas will inspire you to design your kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets. The backsplash ideas with dark cabinets is one of the main kitchen design elements.

The materials, finishes and colors used are very important and have a great impact on the overall design and decoration of a space. The black kitchen backsplash stands out in this regard.

They are vibrant but not in the most colorful way. They are also stylish and versatile, perfect for a variety of different looks.

Other than that, black tones look amazing on marble. See below for some amazing kitchen designs that make the most of their black backsplash.

backsplash for white cabinets

The Flexibility Of A Black Kitchen Backsplash And How To Use It?

A common design strategy is to have a proper backsplash with oak cabinets and countertop. In this way a sense of continuity is formed between them and gives the kitchen an elegant and refined look.

Lighting under cabinets is used very often in kitchens. Not only is it very practical, but it also highlights the backsplash and counter in a really cool way. The black backsplash has many advantages over that.

Black is, of course, a very strong color that can have a negative effect on the design and decoration of a space if not used correctly.

Too much black can make a room appear dark and dingy. If you are concerned about the backsplash having this effect in your kitchen, consider giving it a sleek, minimal design.

The very low and slim kitchen tile backsplash with white cabinets looks very sleek and stylish in the kitchen. It can be interesting to have a black backsplash that contrasts with a backsplash for white cabinet or light colored wall, creating this cool color blocking effect.

white cabinets white backsplash

It is not always a rule that the backsplash should run the entire length of the wall or be made of one type of material.

Like this elegant kitchen, for example. Take advantage of two different materials and finishes to create a different workspace.

Another interesting design strategy is to combine a black backsplash with cherry cabinets and matching countertop and add black cabinets to the mix.

Add some gold accents and LED lighting to highlight the beautiful design.

For a fun balance throughout your kitchen, consider using a black and white color scheme.

The black backsplash and black countertops will look gorgeous in combination with some kitchen backsplash with white cabinets.

You know what else would look amazing? Black countertop and backsplash combo plus black kitchen sink.

This is a look that we love for its elegance, simplicity and luxury.

backsplash ideas for white cabinets and granite countertops

The subway white cabinets white backsplash adds a classic touch to the kitchen and white is often the most common color option in these cases.

However, if you want a less conventional look, you can go for black kitchen backsplash tile.

You can also take the black and white color combo to a whole new level by designing your entire kitchen in this timeless color.

Here, for example, the kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets and floor are black and the cabinets are white.

Also, the whole house is decorated in black and white. This is the kitchen subway tiled backsplash and dining room.

We really love the main white surface and then all the little black accent details like the backsplash, table base, window frames, chandeliers, and more.

backsplash with cherry cabinets

Here, on the other hand, the black and white surfaces coincide equally. There’s a matching black kitchen backsplash and ceiling, plus a few other minor details and it’s complemented by a white floor, some matching walls, etc.

Black subway tiles covered the entire backsplash ideas for white cabinets and granite countertops, between the table and the ceiling. This adds emphasis to the height of the space and helps keep it looking simple and modern.

It’s not just the backsplash that is black in this case, but the entire kitchen. Because it is small and part of the floor plan is open, this contrasting monochrome design makes it stand out and gives it a unique identity.

The matte black finish of the backsplash gives this kitchen a refined look, very elegant and modern. The backsplash ideas for dark cabinets and light countertops extends upwards as well, which fits the design very well given the minimalist approach.

kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets

Black kitchen backsplashes are surprisingly quite versatile and a lot more popular than you might think. They usually appear in modern and contemporary designs.

Here you can see how the black surface of this kitchen is complemented by many natural wood elements that give the whole space a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

10 Backsplash Creations for Kitchen Interior Design

Are you interested in using a modern backsplash as part of your home kitchen interior design? Kania has several references, here for you. Take a look below, okay!

1. Kitchen interior design with chalkboard

Installing this interior design of a kitchen can take a little time because you need to install a blackboard for a kitchen room. However, the results are guaranteed to be really satisfying.

The backsplash for kitchen interior design this time will not require a lot of money, but it will still give a stylish impression to your kitchen.

Besides protecting the walls, you can also use this black board as a date for a reminder.

2. Complement the interior design of the kitchen with a fabric backsplash

The main function of the splash guard is to protect the walls from dirt and oil splashes. However, that does not mean that the fabric cannot be used as a backsplash.

Is there a fabric motif you like, but are afraid it will easily get dirty if you use it as a backsplash? Relax, you can cover the fabric with liquid starch first.

When completely dry, apply the cloth to a splash shield. This way, dirt and grease will not easily stick to the fabric.

Voila! The beautiful kitchen interior design is ready to welcome you when you cook.

3. Beautiful character backsplash

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated and prefer a simple kitchen interior design, this backsplash with beautiful characters or letters is perfect, here for you.

As the wallpaper, you can use thick wallpaper that is waterproof and oil resistant. To make it look beautiful and artistic, you can put a wall decoration in the form of beautiful characters and letters.

If it still seems too simple, there is nothing wrong with adding ornamental plant details or small lights. In an instant, the atmosphere of your kitchen becomes more alive.

If you are bored, you can easily replace new letters and characters to make the kitchen atmosphere feel more fresh.

4. Use pretty plates to sweeten your kitchen interior design

Do you have a plate with cute and interesting motifs? It is only used as a splash guard. Using dishes as part of the interior design of the kitchen will give an artistic impression in your kitchen.

Aren’t there pretty and pretty dishes? Just use a brush, paint, glue, and plywood. Paint your small plate as beautiful as possible, release the imagination that is in your mind.

While you wait for the paint to dry, you can cover the walls with fine melamine plywood and glue it to the wall with glue.

The final step, glue the plate to the plywood, the cute kitchen interior design backsplash is ready to go!

5. Use of vinyl fabrics and materials

The fabric backsplash is actually the easiest and most cost-effective. But always remember to cover it with protection before making it part of your creative kitchen interior design.

If you previously had to use liquid starch as a fabric coating liquid, this time you are using vinyl, the application method is also fairly straightforward.

You just need to cover the walls with your favorite patterned or colored fabric, then cover it with vinyl.

This simple backsplash is sure to sweeten the look of a home kitchen interior design.

6. A versatile blackboard in kitchen interior design

You can also use a black chalkboard to decorate the interior design of your dream kitchen.

Not only can you protect your kitchen walls from water, oil and various types of dirt, a black chalkboard can also be a reminder or a cooking recipe that you will cook today.

Don’t forget to decorate the black board with cute pictures or motifs to make your kitchen interior design look even more beautiful!

7. Patterned paper, kitchen interior design solutions at an affordable price.

This is an alternative backsplash when you’re only on a budget.

Don’t let limited funds keep you from making the most beautiful kitchen interior design possible.

With just decorative paper and vinyl coverings, you can change the interior design of your kitchen to make it much more beautiful!

Choose good quality paper and have an attractive design or pattern.

After covering all the walls in the kitchen backsplash area with paper, you can cover it with vinyl so it doesn’t get dirty quickly.

8. A sentimental touch in kitchen interior design with wall murals

Do you want to give a sentimental or cheerful touch to the interior design of your kitchen?

I really can! Print the photo you want in a large size, enough for wallpaper.

For best results, choose a photo color that matches your previous kitchen interior design.

9. Wallpaper for a stylish kitchen interior design

Get bored easily? Classic style wallpaper can be a stylish solution for a fresh kitchen interior design.

You can choose wallpaper with colors or motifs that match the previous kitchen interior design.

This method can be one of the most effective alternatives if you don’t want to bother too much to change the entire layout of the current kitchen interior design.

10. Kitchen interior design with homemade backsplash

You can make your own backsplash as your kitchen interior design. The method is not too difficult.

First of all, try to determine in advance what kind of backsplash you want to use as a kitchen interior design.

If you want something easier, just buy pottery in several different colors and patterns.

Then unleash your imagination and combine ceramic pieces according to your heart’s desire. Your room looks prettier with a modern kitchen backsplash dark cabinets interior design.

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