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How to Update Old Furniture With Paint


The furniture in the space as a dining table, desk, chairs, patio etc usually survive long enough. But the look of the furniture it just sometimes makes the look of the room become boring.

How to Update Old Furniture
How to Update Old Furniture With Paint

The problem is to buy a new furniture, certainly in need of funds not a bit. About that, not dizzy, decorate a room does not necessarily have to replace the old furniture with the new one.

We can make fresh room decor look without spending a lot of cost. How to update old furniture with paint? Check out the tips that are very easy and practical.

1. Remove Some Items
If you want to paint the furniture such as a Chair or the inside of the cabinets, remove the first few items such as padded seats, or the handle, screw, and so on. This is done to ease the process of repainting so the cat can reach all the parts should be painted later.

2. Sandpaper Furniture
Before the painting process, mandatory through sandpaper in advance. Use fine sandpaper to rub the surface of the furniture so as not to rip the layers of wood.

Sandpaper process done to eliminate stains that stick. The process of sandpaper is also needed so that the new paint can stick well to the surface of the furniture. Once sanded, wipe all surfaces with a clean rag.

3. Apply Base Paint
Apply the paint to the entire base surface of furniture. You can use the priming with thinner HG (high gloss). Typically, priming with paint thinner HG hold more good in any weather.

To paint you can use a brush or a spray priming. After that, cover the parts that are not perfect and let it dry for an hour. Once dry sandpaper again using less water.

4. Paint Furniture
After priming application, live paint to paint furniture for finishing. Select the color of paint to suit taste or theme of the room. You can use a white shabby chic style to bring up or bright colors to pop art style or bohemian. Furniture that can be updated with paint is generally made from wood.

So choose a special wood paint. Before repainting, the paint stir clockwise and vice versa. Then add water about 10% of the amount of paint, stir 3 to 5 minutes.

Use a foam brush to make it more presentable, not leave the fiber Palm fiber, yarn, nylon, or plastic. Painting must be done following the wood fiber in order to make the results of painting more presentable.

5. Drying Process
Avoid drying directly under the hot sun inflating the air because it can cause due to thermal expansion of the material wood, to push the paint layer is not yet perfect. Drying out enough is done in a ventilated space so there is air circulation from the outside.

Before repainting, we recommend that you search the reference model in advance. Search color paint furniture are the trend and should be tailored to the theme that you want to create.

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If you paint furniture chairs, reset you can also replace the bearing seats with a more up to date and adapted to the new paint so that increasingly add to the gorgeous view.

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