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How to Replace Kitchen Faucet by Yourself Easily


Problems of kitchen faucet might be so annoying which as a matter of fact could easily be eliminated as long as you know how to replace kitchen faucet itself. Those who have never been dealing with such issue might think that it is a hard thing to do in dealing with this kind of problem.

o's american kitchen
o’s american kitchen

As a matter of fact, when it comes to the kitchen faucet replacement, you can easily get it done by yourself. These are the ways to get that job done on your own.

Turning off the valves of both hot and cold water is the start of how to replace kitchen faucet. The valves are located right in the cabinet under the sink. Replacing the faucet means that you have to remove the old one so that by turning off the valves you will prevent the water to be all over the area when the faucet is removed later on.

Once the valves have been turned off, you will need to open up the faucet itself so that the pressure is relieved. You should wait for several minutes first before going to the next step of replacing kitchen faucet.

cheddar's scratch kitchen
cheddar’s scratch kitchen

Next thing to do is to use a pair of channel locking piers along with adjustable wrench to disconnect the water lines from the faucet. This is the initial step on how to replace kitchen faucet which needs to remove the old faucet from the water system at first.

savannah's candy kitchen
savannah’s candy kitchen

You should also check out the gaskets and also supply lines in this step so that you can also replace them if they are worn out to ensure there will be no more problems in the near future. When you need to replace the supply lines, it is better to use flexible one.

Next on how to replace kitchen faucet is to use a basin wrench to remove the nuts securing the tailpipe of the faucet. Disconnect the possible line connecting the hose right into the faucet soon afterwards.

lidia's kitchen
lidia’s kitchen

Now put away the old faucet and clean out the surface of the sink where the faucet was previously installed. Use new gasket to seal the new faucet after you ensured that it fits the space.

4935 bar and kitchen
4935 bar and kitchen

Once you have really sure that the faucet fits well, get to the points that need to be secured by using wrench. Make sure that the lines are all connected to the faucet before testing out the newly installed faucet. Now surely you have done replacing your kitchen faucet with such easy ways on how to replace kitchen faucet.

jct kitchen
jct kitchen

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How to replace kitchen faucet consists of several steps that could be considered as hard thing to be done. Yet it is actually simple and easy to be done in no time.

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