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How to Build Cheap Chicken Houses


Chicken houses are made to raise, protect and give chickens a place to thrive. In these simple yet essential enclosures, chickens are kept from the heat, winds and weather changes from the outside world. It is also with these houses that chickens can be protected from predators that can devour them easily.

How to Build Cheap Chicken Houses
How to Build Cheap Chicken Houses

With this, we should know better that chicken houses should be able to function the latter properly, because in order for you to enjoy raising them, breeding them or having their eggs, the chickens must have a prolific and safe environment.

However, quality always come at a price. Cheap chicken houses may spell death and destruction to the lives of a few chickens or the whole flock. These cheap substitutes may have all your hard work on raising your chickens inside cold carcasses due to weather changes or inside a predators stomach. Good chicken houses are available at unimaginable prices that will surely give your wallet a run for it. The solution for this is mainly one thing – building your own chicken houses.

Building chicken houses is both advantageous and economical. You wont spend that much, plus you know exactly what you placed and modified in your coops. With providing your own materials, you also control the quality and prices of the materials you used. Aside from this, it is quite a feat for you to achieve to be able to construct something from scratch using your bare hands.

To start off in bulding cheap chicken houses that are of high quality as expensive ones, you should look for a good guide that comes in a cheap price. There are several guides offered in the internet and in your local bookstores, but of the ones you should consider is Dan Kennedy’s Make your own chicken coop available at website. The website offers videos and guides in the proper construction of cheap yet efficient chicken houses.

The author will tell from his experience how you can achieve a good chicken house without spending a fortune. The price of the handheld guide is also cheaper compared to other guides and is easy to follow. The testimonials about the products sounds promising and if you are considering a guide, choose this one.

After making the initial preparations, the first step is to plan. Planning takes away all the unnecessary expenditures that one may encounter in building chicken houses. First off, decide on how many chickens will you keep. Should you construct a large chicken condo or a simple coop for 3 or 4 hens? After doing this, decide on what kind of chicken coop will it be.

If it is for gathering eggs for food or for breeding, this pre-emptive thinking will also save a lot of money on uneeded expenditures. After the planning, you can start by buying materials. If you planned well or used a guide, you will know exactly what measurement or cut of wood you are going to use and what kind of adhesives will you be using. Again, rely on the plan to save cash.

Finally, construction. If you can, don’t opt for hired constructors. Make the chicken house yourself. You can do it properly using a guide, plus you have the bragging rights when people starts noticing your coop.

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