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Interesting things associated with such a history, fan type, variant, model, installation, and how to clean the fan. The fan is one of electronics that often present complement of furniture in our homes.

Home Decorators Collection Ceiling Fan
Home Decorators Collection Ceiling Fan

Even though nowadays many people are turning to the use of air conditioning, but the role of a fan in a cool atmosphere indoors remains irreplaceable. As evidence, in some places we still often encounter the use of a fan than air conditioning, for example in public spaces, in hospitals, restaurants, classes, and many other places.

The fan is preferred rather than the air conditioning because of the coolness that offered more healthy than the cold shades produced AC. In addition, many people who use fan instead of air conditioning for reasons of thrift. Indeed, when measured the level of energy consumption for air conditioning is certainly greater than the fan.

In general, there are two kinds of type fan, i.e. the fan mounted on the ceiling and the fan that stands alone and is placed on the floor. However, the use of a room in the House, public areas, and industrial areas, then the fan installed in the ceiling is the most widely used. This time, we will find out interesting things about anything having to do with a fan and have not been much reviewed in the media-the media. What is that?


A fan once were made to cope with the hot air that often fill an entire room, especially in the summer. The fan who first discovered the fan is standing on the floor. However, in line with the changing times, a fan of this model can be less soothing room because of limited scope, especially for large-sized room. Until, in 1860, Philip Diehl created a model of the more modern fan and mounted on the ceiling.

Change for the sake of change continued to be done up to now to achieve the desired fan design. And the results we can see right now, where a fan has been created with a variety of models, sizes, and colors to match the needs of its users.

Various variants, type, and model

The fan is hanging on the ceiling not only serves to cool the room. More than that, a fan can be one of the decorative elements in a room. With a wide range of fan that has been available in the market, it is not impossible you can enter the fan became a part of the decor of your room. You can experiment with choosing a propeller fan that color. So, when a fan was spinning, then it will be created a display filled with the colors in the room.

Fan of this model will suit you apply to a room or child’s room. You can select a propeller fan that has bright colors such as blue, red, or yellow, and plug in the room that you want to give a touch of color.

A wide range of sizes

We know that there is a wide range of fan sizes, ranging from small, medium, large, and very large. To be sure, the larger the size of the fan, it will be the large air-driven. This will create more cool air in the room. However, the size of the fan that’s too big is certainly not good. Therefore, we need to adjust the fan with a spacious room.

Don’t forget, we also have to take into account how much the number of people who will be in the room every day. This needs to be taken into consideration so that we can choose a fan with a proportional size and energy will not be wasted.

The location of the installation

The location of the installation also plays a role in determining the effectiveness of the use of the fan. When the size of the room belongs to the small, then you can simply put a medium-sized fan mounted in the middle of the ceiling. But, if the room is wide enough, then consider installing more than one ceiling fan and place it proportionally, and not in the middle of the ceiling.

Tips in caring for the fan

When you have more than one fan in a room, then you need to take care to keep it lasting. Consider the parts of its driving force, this section is usually the easy part is hot after use of a day. In addition, this section needs to be lubricated. The seller fan will probably advise you to give him an occasional lubricant or oil, then please do so in accordance with the directives to keep its driving force not easily worn away.

In addition, clean the blades of the fan periodically because that section is very easy. By cleaning dust and dirt that are usually found on the blades of the fan, then the balance of the fan in the spinning will stay awake.

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