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Genie Garage Door Opener Remote


Genie is one of the brands that are well known and trusted in the USA, and is headquartered in Mt. Hope, Ohio. Until now, the Genie is the main manufacturer of garage door openers are equipped with remote control and other accessories, and also has been distributing product across its USA and Canada.

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote
Genie Garage Door Opener Remote

Not only that, the company also has a history that is very famous for its commitment to innovation. Millions of units of product, Genie garage door opener, have long used throughout North America, this is because this Genie product of high quality.

One of the most favorite products is, garage door openers, Genie with 3-button remote control that has a simple design. The advantages of this remote control are equipped with a rolling code technology to new security has been enhanced.

More interestingly again, remote control-made this Genie is also compatible with Genie garage door openers of the latest models and being able to control a maximum of 3 garage door openers. This remote uses a dual frequency 390 MHz and 315 MHz. With a design that is simple and sleek, this remote control can be used for your car key chain.

Genie Company has sold garage door long ago, which is about the 1960s and prices relatively cheap. In addition to producing a remote control for garage doors and components of the product line, ReliaG, and IntelliG TriloG, there are also other products including keypads, infrared sensors, and carriages.

Technology-enabled Security on Genie Intellicode G3T-R 3-Button Remote garage will keep you safe. Because the access code will be modified on each activation of the door, this aims to prevent unauthorized access to your garage.

In addition, there is also a Car-Seek technology with Dual Frequency which will automatically search for a frequency of 315 MHz or 390 MHz to prevent interference from other devices when opening Your garage door. The following are advantages of Genie garage door opener remote you need to know.

  • Auto-seek Dual Frequency Technology: Can access a stronger signal and will also reduce interference with other devices.
  • Intellicode Security Technology: Will change the access code every door is activated, which aims to prevent unauthorized access
  • Easy Programmable: This Remote can be used for a maximum of 3 Genie garage door opener from the old model to the latest.
  • Homelink System With Components And Car 2 U: Can be used to train remote system built-in the vehicle You

Genie Garage Door Opener Remote is designed to provide the latest opening technology for you, with a broad scope so that will add to Your confidence. We hope the review about the product brand garage door openers Genie can be a source of reference for you.

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