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Garage Remodeling New House Design Guide


Many homeowners prefer to have garage. There are many different reasons why house with garage has more value. Garage could be used for many purposes. Anyone can say that garages are used to store vehicles. That is correct, but there are many other uses for garage.

Garage Remodeling New House Design Guide
Garage Remodeling New House Design Guide

Garage is perfect place to keep some garden equipment and tools like lawnmower, garden hoses and more. Any house owner need a ladder for home maintenance. And the best place to store ladder will be garage as well. There is a big list of different things you can find in many garages.

Garage is not only perfect place to store different household things. For example, you can make in garage a workshop. Sometimes people convert garage into home office to have additional room for business. Or you can establish some room for your hobby.

Many properties have garages, but there are plenty houses without. If you own property without garage it is good opportunity to think about adding it. It will not only give you place to keep vehicles. The most important part is that garage will increase total value of your property.

There are two types of garages – attached to house and detached. Attached garage is a part of house. Usually you can’t change configuration or increase square footage of attached garage. Attached garage is more convenient because you have direct access into house.

Detached garage is not connected to house and could be located in any place of your property. It gives you flexibility where you want to put a garage. You can choose size of garage as well.

There are many garage plans are available to choose. First of all decide what is the budget for garage building project. And then select garage plan that will be more suitable for your needs. Remember, that you invest money in your property. Garage will add value to your house.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers became very popular feature of modern garage doors. Homeowners prefer to use garage door openers because they can easy and fast provide access to garage. Time when driver had to leave a car and use hands to lift or close garage door by hands are gone. Garage door openers can move heavy doors more efficient.

Garage door openers have to meet all safety standards. For example, some standards require garage door openers be able to reverse if door hits object on its way. Some garage door openers have sensors that stop doors if something located in doorway.

Another great feature of garage door openers is remote control. You do not have to leave a car to open or close garage. Just push a button on remote control and garage door opener will do all job. Garage door openers come fully assembled from manufacturing. They are designed for easy installation. You can easy turn garage door opener installation into do-it-yourself project to save some money.

Before buying garage door opener you have to decide which drive system will be the best for your needs. There are three garage door opener systems available: belt driven, chain driven and direct drive. After that you have to decide about power of motor. It will depends on weight and size of door that garage door opener has to move. Some openers with more power motors have faster opening speed. Closing sped is slower for safety reasons.

Do not forger to check warranty period for your new garage door opener. Make sure that warranty will cover all major problems for long period. Another thing to check is compliance all safety requirements. Garage door opener has to be safe for you and your family members.

Before buying selected garage door opener would be great to look at working sample. Some opener are very noisy and checking this problem before buying will save you time and money in the future.

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