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Find the Best Modern Small Home Exterior Design in Urban Area


In urban area, many homes are designed in tiny or small places. That’s why the concept of building the house will be commonly in two-story or more. Here, we will show you the Exterior design of the small house to be. It can help you to find the best that feature best concept and utility for even small place.


The two story home Exterior design may come with the cube building design. In urban area, this commonly happens. You may also get the presence of glass facades with wooden barns or concrete façade to complete it. The presence of the wide glass facades offer the generous lights penetrating through the glass both for day and night.

The ideas for exterior design for small houses in urban space will also come with the simple exterior decoration. You may find the driveway to come forward to the garage. The garden in front porch becomes additional feature to decorate with greenery.

house styles
house styles

Some small exterior design ideas will have fences as separating system for other house and space or street. But some may not have fences. You can find many home designs with direct front porch to the street. The canopy is only to protect the car parking area beside or in front of your home.

However, sometimes, for those who have larger front area, they will decorate the Exterior design with some large driveway to go through the garage and entrance. For the color paint, both calm and bright colors are applied. It will depend on how the personal taste of homeowners.

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Well, once more, the modern home design in small place will probably happen in urban area. It is also often said that many people have limited space. But, it doesn’t mean not to make their exterior design perfectly. Here are some best Exterior design ideas that you can apply for the modern small home design.

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