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Famous Furniture Designers with the Most Iconic Masterpiece


The changing trends of home designs and furniture will not make the name of these famous furniture designers disappeared. They have led and inspired today’s furniture designers by their extravagant creations.

famous chair designers
famous chair designers

The list might take long, but here are some of the designers that you need to know to bring the glorious beauty starting from the classical until recent years.

If you ever heard the name of Le Corbusier, he is on the top list of famous furniture designers who is the pioneer of the modern architecture. He created Corbusier chair that has been the legend of the first modern chair produced in 1929. The lounge has modern characteristic but still with its elegant look.

The creation of this Corbusier chair that is solid, practical, and classy has listen Corbusier into famous furniture makers. Just as well known as Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames is famous with its iconic masterpiece, too.

The Eames lounge dominated the popularity of new comer chair in 1950. Until now, when people see vintage design, they always find the Eames chair. Having colorful features and sleek look, this chair was very trendy in Retro era.

 famous furniture brands
famous furniture brands

Eero Saarinen is the next famous furniture designers with iconic design of what we now called as office chair. This designer from Finland gave the breakthrough of how an office should be furnished.

He made the executive St Louis Arch as a classic office chair. This is pure as office chair, but nowadays it can be categorized as office furniture.

This famous furniture designers list goes on with Paul McCobb. As an American modernist, this designer created the line furniture that is of course became the new invention at that time.

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His designs still inspire the furniture designs so far with the sleek lines and the practical use. Famous furniture designers like those designers really had passion in leading architecture world always have the new and updated trends.

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