Everything You Have to Know about Cabinet Grade Plywood


When you are renovating your bathroom, you may find the decision regarding the choice of bathroom cabinet is important. It is especially true if you need new one as the existing cabinet is no longer usable due to the lowering quality. Well, what about cabinet grade plywood for your new bathroom cabinetry?

unfinished kitchen cabinets
unfinished kitchen cabinets

You don’t have to worry about where to buy cabinet grade plywood since you can visit the local hardware store so you can find any grade plywood for sale that will fit your taste and needs.

Even so, what is cabinet grade plywood actually? This is the term that is probably mostly questioned by those who are new in working with plywood. Plywood is really popular in use due to its quality.

Compared to solid wood, plywood has more stability. Besides, it is available in wide grades and species, thus making it considerably commercial.

recessed medicine cabinet
recessed medicine cabinet

Plywood, especially the veneer-core one, has been cabinet staple for years. The panels are made by laying up plies or layers of wood so the grain direction in each later runs at the right angles to the one following it.

This cross-grain construction is the reason why plywood is stable and strong. Usually, standard 3/4 inch thick veneer-core plywood consists of 7 layers: 2 outer veneers and 5 softwood or hardwood layers between them. Aside from the veneer-core cabinet grade plywood, there are still more varieties.

wellborn cabinets
wellborn cabinets

There is the MDF or medium density fiberboard core plywood that is heavy and flat. It has smooth outdoor surface and the weight is approximately 25 percent heavier than the veneer-core counterpart. Another choice of engineered core for cabinet grade plywood is particleboard. The particleboard-core plywood panels typically weigh the same as the MDF core counterparts.

Even so, they are slightly more affordable. For a “happy” choice, there is the combined-core plywood panel that is consisted of 2 layers of MDF with a center of wood ply. The result is a smooth surface with strong and flat panel. Even so, there are still some shops having trouble in adjusting combined-core panels.

Customers, even so, tend to favor veneer-core cabinet grade plywood panels rather than the engineered-wood core alternatives. Even though the engineered-wood cores have many advantages, people usually dislike the idea of having cabinet panels that are not made from 100 percent natural wood.

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Thankfully, this phenomenon is now much less severe, thanks to the improved glues. Good news, you can always find cabinet grade plywood for sale to offer you more convenience. Cabinet grade plywood is really popular due to its quality with more stability. Besides, it is available in wide grades and species, thus making it considerably commercial.

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