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Dramatic Interior Decoration Design Ideas Inspired by African Natures


Africa is an exotic continent with beautiful natures. We’ll bring the beauty of Africa to our home by applying African decoration design into every single room in our house. There are many ways that can help us decorating our house with African decoration.

home design and decor
home design and decor

For example since there are thousands animals freely live in Africa, clothes with animal skin motif will be a smart idea. By placing a black-and-white zebra skin rug or a carpet with leopard motif on wooden floor, we make our living room looks as wild as African countries.

African nature is identical with wild life where wild animals coexistence with human. No wonder that animal prints become so popular in Africa. Complete your African decoration design with wild animal prints like tiger print, lion print, cheetah print, and giraffe print.

Spread animal decoration design pattern on your seat cushions, carpet, upholstery, wallpaper, curtain, and on the lampshade of your floor lamp or desk lamp. Spread two or three animal prints on several different elements inside your house and make your house looks wilder.

decorator design pattern
decorator design pattern

But, you must be careful in combining animal prints. Too many different animal prints inside your house will make your house looks weird and contrast. Your interior decoration design will also be too crowded and as result your interior design will look excessive. Try to choose and place animal prints on properly so that they will be able to represent the wild life of Africa into your house and make your house looks more exotic.

Now, choose some colors that are able to represent Africa to your decoration design living room. Some decoration design colors that are identical with Africa are including brick red, orange, brown, green, black, white, grey, and other colors that look like animals skin color.

Choose one of those colors as the basic color for your living room and use other colors only as the accent. After spreading the colors on the walls, floor, and furniture, now you must choose the accessories to complete your African styled house. African residents are still using homemade utensils in their daily. That’s why many home furnishings of African residents are made from loam, woven leaves or woven roots, seashells, soapstone, to animals’ skins and bones.

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Well, you aren’t required to place home furnishings made from those extreme materials to your house, but try to beautify your interior decoration design with decorations made from woven pottery or loam. Do not accessorize your interior with modern furnishings made from iron, vinyl, or plastic.

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