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DIY Valentine Door Decorations Ideas


Sharing affection can be done every day, but there is nothing wrong with celebrating specifically on Valentine’s Day. Decorating a house with a Valentine’s theme also includes a way to celebrate.

Not only the malls or stores that can present various attributes of Valentine, we can also, of course, with easily available items around us and low budget.

Sharing some interesting ideas can also be an inspiration to create an atmosphere of your home full of love and affection.

Valentine’s door decoration

Valentine Door Decorations

Welcome guests and people who come to visit with love. Hang the crown (door decoration) with a red, pink heart shape or you can mix the two colors.

You can also replace them with small balloons that have a heart shape. Or other options you can only use flowers.

And the entrance to your house will be the attention of all who pass through the front of your house. Wow, only the door has a lot of love, especially inside.

Decoration of dried fruit trees

diy valentine crafts

If we usually see green trees that carry oranges or mangoes in the garden, this is a dried fruit tree.

You can place this dry tree decoration anywhere you want, either inside or outside the house.

If you want to put it inside, you should put it in the living room or in the living room as a sweet decoration.

Window curtain decoration

handmade valentine door wreath new

This simple idea is also interesting to practice. You can give your lonely house trinkets in the form of hearts, flowers or pom poms.

Make pieces of paper heart that hang from top to bottom, from the largest to the smallest size and arranged randomly.

Romantic prayers adorned on the wall

indoor valentine decorations

Sweet words can not only be pronounced, but also shown through writing on the wall. This also includes elegant Valentine’s decorations.

In addition to the decoration, you can also give pieces of paper in the shape of a heart and paste them on your wall.

Decorate heart balloons in the room

valentines room decor

Fill your room with flying balloons. You can choose heart balloons or regular round balloons for your heart’s content.

Fill it with gas that can blow the balloon and tie a rope. And voila! Your room is filling up with people.

Valentine’s lantern decoration

romantic decorating ideas for valentines day

The lanterns are in fact identical to the Chinese New Year, but who says we can’t make pink lanterns in the style of Valentine’s Day?

To make it more beautiful to add lights inside, so that if the night can be turned on when the main lights of the room are off. You can do it with paper or thread.

Romantic dining table decoration

valentine table decorations easy

Romantic dinners do not only belong to lovers or those who marry. For those of you who plan to have dinner with your family, decorate your dining room so that it is full of Valentine’s Day.

Use a pink or white tablecloth, do not forget to put a candle in the center of the table to add a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Very interesting right? You can also decorate your home with your family at your leisure.

In addition to creating precious moments, getting closer, your home also becomes a full Valentine’s day. Let’s beautify the house with our creative hands.

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