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Cute and Cool Kids Bathroom Accessories for Girls’ and Boys’ Bathroom


Accessory is a great way to make a bathroom looks prettier. If a bathroom looks more interesting, kids won’t be scared or lazy to bath and do their routines like brushing their teeth in their bathroom.

kids bathroom sets target
kids bathroom sets target

So try to beautify your kids’ bathroom by placing fun and cool kids bathroom accessories. Before you start accessorizing your kids’ bathroom, decide the theme first. If all of your kids are girl, choose a cute and chic bathroom theme and then accessorize the bathroom according to that theme.

Instead of flowers, place some kids bathroom accessories with butterfly motif in your daughters’ bathroom. Butterfly shaped soap dish with dusty pink and lilac color. Toothbrushes holder with ivory color that’s beautified with butterfly motif and small pink flowers motif.

And the other accessories with butterflies and feminine colors will perfect your daughters’ bathroom and stimulate your girls to do their routine in bathroom comfortably. Cozy furry rug in pastel color and cute shower curtain with chic motif and girly color will perfect your kids’ bathroom décor.

kids bathroom wall decor
kids bathroom wall decor

But if you’re a mom of some boys, choose a cute but masculine theme for them and then pick some kids bathroom accessories based on the theme you’ve picked. For example, pick a basketball theme. Ball shaped toothbrushes holder, soap dispenser, and soap dish are great accessories for your boys’ bathroom.

And then make the floor of your boys’ bathroom looks like a basketball field. Just place a rug or floor mat with basketball field shape or try to find ceramic tiles that make your boys’ bathroom floor looks like basketball field.

kids bathroom ideas
kids bathroom ideas

Basketball ring shaped towel holder makes your boys’ bathroom looks more unique. And then hang your boys’ towels that have been completed with their name on the same basketball ring towel holder.

If you think basketball themed kids bathroom accessories are not good option, you can consider applying marine theme to your boys’ bathroom and completing the room with retro bathroom accessories. Make your boys’ bathtub looks like a boat and cover the tub with bathtub curtain that looks like sails.

Paint a wall beside the tub with pastel blue paint color and spread white on the other walls. Place a plastic bucket with shovel to complete the marine theme. Use the bucket to store the shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Ceramic tiles with fish motif on the floor of your boys’ bathroom will perfect the marine theme and kids bathroom accessories.

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Kids bathroom accessories will make your kids’ bathroom looks more stunning and won’t make your kids feel lazy to do their routine. Here are some tips to accessorize boys’ and girls’ bathroom.

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