Home Furniture Create Your Own Home Additions with 3 Wood Furniture Design Ideas

Create Your Own Home Additions with 3 Wood Furniture Design Ideas


Believe it or not, your home has wooden furniture though it is in minimal portion. Wood is a versatile piece that will blend well with any home design, from traditional, transitional, and also modern. It is all depending on the design and detailing.

reclaimed wood furniture
reclaimed wood furniture

This post will share some do-it-yourself wood furniture design ideas that might be a sudden project when you have long vacation. Considering wood brings its own unique texture, your home, especially your room will never reject for this addition!

The first idea is about creating wood furniture design stools sets. Among the various kind of wood, you can pick salvaged wood instead of the others as this type has charming textures. First, cut the logs, sands the cuts till they are smooth enough.

If you like to see various colors within this set, you can get different finish between one stool and another. To comfy the seaters, wood furniture design stool can be added with padded cushion on the top. See, a nice and cheap stool is ready to prettify your hallway!

unfinished wood furniture
unfinished wood furniture

Next, making a side table from a wood piece is nothing but a genius idea to steal. Right after cutting the log, make a simple sanding for its surfaces till the wood is smoother than before. If you like to add base, you can hanger iron at its legs while if you don’t have any, just let the long log become additional table with it. Add this table wood furniture design next to your sofa seating in living room, near the fire pits at the family spots, and other rooms that needs a touch of unique furniture. Last, place a flower vase on its surface.

There are so many benefits you can gain from making such DIY wood furniture design. You will have the chance to get a customizable furniture piece that answers all your needs. You are the one designing the pieces, so it will perfectly match with your other home decors.

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Make the furniture come in more functional is the last wood furniture design idea to go. For example, if you make stool, you can create the above padding removable so it enables you to save and hide clutter at the same time!

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