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Cool Modern Living Room Design with Clean Lines


Do you need something new with your Living room design? Create the cool living room with clean line in modern style. You know, living room should be the place that will kick the feet up.

living room design
living room design

It is the place for entertainment, conversation, and joy for all family members. Hence, it should be perfect in applying each element of living room as the choice of living room furniture design and its arrangement that make cool clean line.

A stunning Living room design can be a great enviable feature that is added with wonderful city views. Let the ceiling open with perforated some ceiling part.

Adding large glass windows with sheer curtain will make the nuance cooler. Moreover, to add sleek nuance, you add some candle on the table with some short sofa with sleepers. To make clean line and cool nuance, make some recessed lights on your wall, ceiling, and give a soft floor lamp.

living room design ideas
living room design ideas

When you want to deliver clean line, white color is the best choice to prove it. But, you must be careful in using this neutral color. Little stain or dirtiness will make your room looks clutter. To create cool modern design, you need to let the sunlight’s penetrate generously into your rom.

Hence, apply the large glass window with floor curtain and transparent sheer to organize the lights to go in the Living room design. The furniture to set can be minimally on brown sectional sofa with round coffee tables as example. You can choose open living are with the dining table and kitchen area. It is to make no clutter and wide sight.

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This is all about living room design tips to make cool modern living room with clean line. Delivering stunning look at the city views and using white as basic color will be the best idea. It will lead you to overcome sleek nuance being in your own Living room design and get best time with your family.

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