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Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500


Are you planning to occupy a new house or apartment in the near future? Maybe the recommendation for cheap living room sets under $ 500 can be a reference for you. One of the things that make the spirit when occupying a new place is to hunt furniture to fill all the rooms in it.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500
Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500

And the living room will usually be the main focus because this room is the first place seen when there are guests who visit. However, what if your funds are limited?

No need to overdo it or push yourself, here’s a list of the real ‘must-have’ furniture you have in the living room. You do not need to buy a sofa that is long, but just provide one or two pairs of sofas with enough size to occupy two to three people. This style of seating is also suitable if you want to use a minimalist style in the house.

For a minimalist look, you can use a regular coffee table placed on the side of the chair. No need large size, the table here that is important can be enabled to put drinks or snacks served for guests. The table can also be used as decoration ornaments. Place on one side of the room then place a collection of books or vases.

To beautify the living room decor, use a chair cushion. In addition to the price that is usually affordable, you can freely choose what motifs in accordance with the theme of living room at home.

For example, if your sofa plain select a patterned pillow or picture that is commensurate with the color of the sofa. Conversely, if your sofa patterned select a pillow with plain colors. Here is a 3 cheap living room set under $ 500 that you can choose.

1. Garren Living Room Set, Price $389.99

Garren Living Room Set
Garren Living Room Set

Lexington’s accumulation is for a truly legitimate life in comfort and serenity by using this fascinating stationary set. An accumulated overall space that is structured and works to overcome obstacles and comfort for your loved ones at work or at home.

The Lexington straight line upgrades the work space with a strongly drained outline of hardwood, solid wood legs, high-thickness foam pads, removable rear pads and the most important covering. Be prepared to experience a passionate feeling with living room furniture.

2. Folkerts Living Room Set, Price $429.99

Folkerts Living Room Set
Folkerts Living Room Set

This basic sofa and loveseat and easygoing lounge room accumulation is upholstered in delicate cloth like texture and wooden legs. With a perfect line plan, splendid highlight cushions can be added to finish the look.

Solid base and removable and delicate back and situate pads offers solidness and simple cleaning. Add emphasize seats to make an entire look and extra seating.

3. Welborne Upholstery Sofa Set, Price $489.99

Welborne Upholstery Sofa Set
Welborne Upholstery Sofa Set

Including moved arms, bun feet, and chocolate darker leather upholstery, the Welborne Sofa is a customarily exquisite seat.

Its particular highlights for living room sofa are at home in any great setting, from conventional farmhouse to English County farm. Leather upholstery utilizes certifiable skin to guarantee the look and feel of cowhide at an unparalleled cost.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

1. Why is it important to pay attention to the color of the floor in your room?

After deciding whether to play with accents and motifs as the focal point of the room, you should consider the color of the floor, because the floor has a great influence on the sofa you choose.

If you’re using a dark sofa on a dark floor to make the room feel drab, you should add a touch of light color to give it a bright impression, for example by using a light-colored rug on the floor.

As for the use of a light-colored sofa, you have different challenges, that is, you need to observe the function in the room itself before buying a sofa considering how the room is used.

If you have small children or pets that tend to lie on the sofa, you can use a sofa with a material that is easy to clean or is washable.

2. Smooth or patterned?

If you design decorations from scratch, you can determine the sofa in advance so that it is easier to adjust to the decoration, you are more flexible in choosing the sofa you want and adding accents such as colored fabrics or pillows to become the focus. point of the room so it doesn’t look boring.

If you are adding a sofa to a room that has already been decorated, the choice of colors and patterns on the sofa is only a supporting role, so you need to be careful when choosing which accents are used to continue to produce a harmonious feel. .

3. How about adding an interesting finishing touch?

Additional tips for you when looking for a sofa for a room, do not always stick to the decorations that must always be combined, choose a more flexible style so that you can combine it with other elements.

For example, when adding a chair to complement your new sofa, the chair selection does not have to be exactly the same as the sofa you bought, but you can work around it by combining it with colors or patterns.

Don’t forget to add accents like pillows or fabrics as a finishing touch, because adding small touches to the living room can give a more harmonious impression.

Find a sofa according to your interior style, which is available in various types, designs with custom colors, so that it is easy to adjust to the interior concept of your home.

4. How to choose the right color for your room?

After mixing and matching the color of the floor with that of the sofa you are going to buy, now is the time to discuss choosing the right color for your sofa. If you are one of those who likes to decorate a room, then choose a neutral color. is the right choice.

In addition to neutral colors that are timeless, neutral colors are timeless colors, so you can wear them for a long time because they can keep up with the changing style of your room.

Using neutral colored sofas including beige, gray, dark gray and cream, you don’t need to worry if it will make the atmosphere in the room drab, sofas with neutral colors can give a fresh and relaxing impression, plus the colors Neutrals are also easily integrated with other decorations and colors to keep it beautiful.

We hope that the reviews we provide give you a lot of references. Just information, all prices and specifications are we reported from the famous online furniture store wayfair.com. If you are interested in cheap living room set under $500, you can directly visit the official website.

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