Home Bathroom Beautiful Oval Bathroom Mirrors to Add Visual Interest

Beautiful Oval Bathroom Mirrors to Add Visual Interest


Aside from being functional, bathroom mirrors are also beautiful choice to decorate the wall. You may have seen many mirror designs in different shapes and styles. As for today, we will show you wonderful and inspiring bathroom interior designs featuring the use of oval bathroom mirrors.

lighted bathroom mirror
lighted bathroom mirror

Starting from oval framed bathroom mirrors to multi-functional bathroom mirror with medicine cabinets, there are many options you can dig from them. And what we show you here today are only some of them!

Colorful and extraordinary, this small bathroom has proved how artistic the interior design can be. Aside from incorporating the use of oval bathroom mirrors, this Antoni Gaudi’s Submarine inspired bathroom shows the brilliant use of mosaic tiles in various hues and shades to transform wall decoration into a work of art.

Aside from complementing the vintage and glam pedestal sink, the oval mirror is also integrated into the uniquely artistic design thus creating a flawless harmony that will leave you in an unfinished awe.

mirrored bathroom vanity
mirrored bathroom vanity

The roundness of oval bathroom mirrors is also one of reasons why it is really popular in use. It is especially true for a room that is characterized by angles and sharp lines, which is commonly found in modern design.

The roundness of oval bathroom mirrors with medicine cabinet will help soften the sharpness and angularity while keeping the visual interest in balance.

frameless bathroom mirror
frameless bathroom mirror

Well, you can start from this airy white bathroom interior design that is also windowless. The use of oval bathroom mirrors here is beautifully added to balance out the square framed mirrors flanking, yet it is done beautifully to establish a harmony while providing both function and aesthetic appeal at the same time.

We truly adore the choice of silver frame for the oval mirror that can help accentuating the luxury feel in this master bathroom. Alternatively, what about stealing the look in this chic contemporary windowless bathroom? The large, frameless mirror is a great choice to mimic the look of window yet the oval frame addition can help adding unique but interesting style.

In this irregular bathroom space, the choice of oval bathroom mirrors helps bridging the old look of original stone wall with clean and modern interior design in white. Apart from that, you can also see how intriguing the oval mirrors are as they are paired with triangular ceiling and clean, sharp lines accentuated by vanity cabinets and glass shower door. See also how the mirrors can decorate the wall effortlessly.

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Oval bathroom mirrors have the visually interesting appearance that makes them truly desirable whether as functional item to pair bathroom vanity or to decorate the wall space.

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