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Bathroom Decor Accessories Design One House


The bathroom is no longer viewed as a place for grooming alone. These once-hidden rooms are now used to provide inspiration and relaxation and reflect the unique style of the homeowner. No matter what your taste or bathroom size, you have many options when it comes to your bathroom decor.

Bathroom Decor Accessories Design One House
Bathroom Decor Accessories Design One House

Whether your style is traditional or you prefer to live on the edge of the color spectrum, the sky can truly be the limit when it comes to creating the bathroom look you desire.

When it comes to bathroom décor there are two categories: essentials and non-essentials. Essential bathroom items include a toilet, sink, mirror, lights, toilet paper holder, waste paper basket, towels, hand towels, wash cloths, a shower curtain or door, and a soap dispenser or dish.

Non-essential items
Non-essential bathroom décor items are not necessary for the function of your bathroom but rather add a personal touch that helps create the look and feel you desire. These items include wallpaper or paint, decorative towels, wall art, a vanity, a vanity chair or bench, a rug, decorative tissue box cover, candles and display shelves. Non-essential items will enable you to finish off the look of your bathroom.

Consider the size of your bathroom when choosing both your essential and non-essential décor. Take measurements of your space and choose an appropriately sized toilet and sink. It is a good idea to choose a coordinating set of these items. Choose an appropriately sized mirror to hang above your sink.

A mirror that is too small will get lost on the wall while a large mirror will help your room to appear larger. When considering wallpaper, keep in mind that a small pattern will help a small space seem larger while a large pattern will serve to shrink the size of the room. In turn, a light paint color is preferable for a small room while a larger bathroom could be a host for a darker color.

You will also want to choose decorative art that does not over power. Choose pieces that coincide with the size of your room. For a smaller bathroom, you will want to choose several smaller pieces while a few larger pieces would do well in a large room. Avoid over crowding your space no matter what the size so that it remains functional and calming.

There are several factors to consider when choosing your bathroom décor. First, who will be the main user of the bathroom? Are you decorating the bathroom for the kids, yourself and your spouse, or is it a main bathroom that will be used by all? The type of person using the bathroom will greatly affect the décor you choose.

For children you will want an element of fun so that grooming will be less tedious for them, but you will also want items that are durable, functional and easy to clean. A vinyl shower curtain is probably a better choice than a linen one and you will likely want extra towels and a plastic toothbrush holder and soap dispenser rather than a ceramic one.

You will also want to consider a storage bin for bath toys. For a husband and wife, you may consider his and hers sinks, a vanity for make-up and hair styling products, a whirlpool bathtub and candles to add a touch of romance. For guests, you may choose to dress up your bathroom with decorative towels and unique soaps. You will want extra towels on hand in this room as well.

Because there is such an array of décor available you can easily create multiple looks for one room by simply changing out the décor. When the kids are young you may choose a fun duck theme with a vinyl duck shower curtain, duck curtains and a duck shaped rug.

You may choose to sponge paint the walls with yellow ducks and have plastic duck themed accessories. As the children grow up, you can easily swap out the duck theme for something more mature with some simple surface changes.

Wall paper over the ducks with a contemporary pattern, opt for a linen shower curtain and a coordinating window curtain and bath rug. Finish the look with some stainless steel accessories. No matter what look you are going for, changing the bathroom décor will have a great impact.

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