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Amazing Architecture Design with Several Significant Considerations


Architecture design magazine is showing many ideas about architectural design you can choose and apply to your own house. Unfortunately, many people today are looking for minimalist and artistic architecture design since they need to build a small house with their limited budget.

chicago architecture tour
chicago architecture tour

Small and simple house actually is so beautiful as long as the architectural design is impressive. Beautiful isn’t expensive. When architecture is designing the architectural of your house, he just needs to be creative and smart. Tell your architecture to outsmart your limitations and create a gorgeous small house.

Architecture design with open-plan space and minimum walls and doors inside your house will make your rooms look freer. Merging some rooms will also make your small house looks more effective.

For example, you can use carport, terrace, and front yard ad your living space, kids’ playroom, parking lot, and even a special place for a small meeting or social gathering. And then optimize the rooms inside your small house as a family room and dining room. If there is upstairs or attic in your house, build a family room, home office, and kids’ bedroom in there.

chicago architecture foundation
chicago architecture foundation

Are you planning to add a backyard and patio deck behind your house? If so, you can use it as an opened dining space, family space, and even as a special space where your kids can study.

When your architecture is creating the architecture design, ask him about your bathroom. Bathroom is a special room that needs special treatments. Make sure that you choose safe tiles to complete your bathroom in order to keep your whole family members safe.

Choose tiles with uneven surface that aren’t slippery and won’t cause slip. Since your house is small and you’ll have small rooms inside, you need to choose small sized tiles for the walls and floor of your bathroom that will make the room looks wider and more spacious.

You can outsmart the small bathroom problem in your minimalist architecture design by adding shower box with glass walls or plastic curtains. Don’t forget to place the septic tank in the right place. Your architecture will help you in deciding the best place for the septic tank.

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After creating ideal architecture design, you can let the contractors build your house. And then you need to decorate the interior and exterior of your house with many exterior and interior design ideas you can find on the internet and magazines. You can also get unique decoration ideas from your architecture.

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