Home Interior 8 Creative and Inexpensive Partition Wall Ideas

8 Creative and Inexpensive Partition Wall Ideas


The current home trend often combines the family room as well as the living room with the dining room, without a wall separation. If you think this is not a problem, it looks like this is fine. But for those who always prioritize the privacy, the presence of  seems to be considered.

Partition Wall Ideas
Partition Wall Ideas

Partitions or dividers are barriers between space one with other space that is portable and flexible. Generally, the partitioned space includes a living room with a living room, a living room with a dining room or kitchen, or perhaps a children’s room occupied by two people.

Like its function, partition is able to divide an area into several parts. But can not be denied, the partition is also useful as a complement to the interior design of a room. Not only at home, partitions are easy to find in offices, hospitals, schools and other public spaces.

For example, a partition is used in an office to divide the workspace of an employee so as to solve the problem of space constraints. Another case in the hospital, where partition is used to provide privacy for patients who are placed in the same room with other patients.

Partition type

Partitions are classified into three types: accordions, folding panels and mobile or movable ones.

The accordion is mounted on the ceiling and hangs down like a curtain or a curtain. While the folding panel consists of two or three parts that can be folded. Then on the mobile type, there are wheels underneath so it is easy to move or move.

Mostly, the partition consists of one kind of material such as rattan. As the model grows, the partition now consists of various materials combined into one. Such as wood, vinyl, leather, glass, rattan and many more.

Sample partition design

In addition to being more efficient and cost-effective, partitions provides clear boundaries between rooms, but without having to feel as narrow as using a wall. While from the side of air circulation, the partitioned space will be fresher because it is not fully isolated.

Not only can group the space, the partition also has a function to beautify the room with the presence of various models, ornaments and attractive colors. So that the space in the house will be loaded with decorations that can enliven the atmosphere.

Partitions can also be creative as you decorate the walls with picture frames or paintings. You can paint the partition with the desired favorite color, or add unique and artistic motifs.

The house has a variety of designs on the exterior and interior walls. Both the walls of natural stone, bricks, to wood can be a designer choice in designing a house. But this interspace dividing wall can also be varied.

Not only from the texture of the material alone, but the partition can be arranged in various patterns and specific motives to beautify your home.

From portable to permanent partitions, if selected by the appropriate design will make the house feel more unique and comfortable. Here are some examples of beautiful partition walls that are interesting to apply in the house.

1. Wooden block partition

Wooden Block Partition
Wooden Block Partition

The partitions of the wooden arrangement alone may look mediocre, but different from the design of this one. Partitions are designed from small wooden beams and arranged between a larger beam frame.

By forming a triangle pattern, wood partitions will be more robust and also have a unique motif as shown in the picture. The wooden beam line in all directions gives an attractive and non-monotonous impression.

2. Partition with Plant Pot

Partition Plant Pots
Partition Plant Pots

This one wood partition is equipped with potted plants, hanging between its wooden beams. This partition certainly provides a unique scene for people in the house. Not only that, this partition looks beautiful from both sides.

Although not very close to the area on the back, this partition shows clear space restrictions between the living room and dining room.

3. Metal Partition

Metal Partition
Metal Partition

Partitions are also at once a place of storage is made very interesting plus the presence of glass elements in the pattern of the larger. Following the pattern of the metal board arrangement, the storage area beside the heating of this room can function as a storage of firewood.

Surely this one partition is fairly unique and also very useful for storing goods that are easily found by the owner of his house.

4. Decorative Partitions

Decorative Partitions
Decorative Partitions

This partition of the laser cut provides a decorative element in the room at home. Various motifs of course can be applied with partitions like this.

Designed with a design application on the computer and then executed with a laser cutting tool that looks neat and beautiful. Beautify the atmosphere inside the house.

5. Partition Trees

Partition Trees
Partition Trees

For a room with a natural theme, of course, this one partition design can be an interesting choice and in accordance with the theme. The wall with a rectangular frame located in the middle of the open space has a unique design in it in the form of glass with sticker stem and tree stick sticker.

Uniquely again in the middle of the partition there is space to put the pot plants so that the impression of nature will feel stronger.

6. Partition of Stone Blocks

Partition of Stone Blocks
Partition of Stone Blocks

This gray partition of bricks can be a unique inspiration for home partitioning. Providing a natural impression and also arranged with a certain motif gives the air gap to get into the room.

Plus the view into and out of the room will feel freer. The repetitive pattern on this stone block looks beautiful and not boring.

7. Partition of Rope Mine

Partition of Rope Mine
Partition of Rope Mine

This simple partition can be made at home. With the material of wooden beams and ropes, the unique partition can be a decoration in the house as well as barriers between rooms. Simple and also gives rustic impression on the residential area.

8. Partition of Iron Framework

Partition of Iron Framework
Partition of Iron Framework

This one partition can be spelled out to be a versatile partition that can be applied in the dwelling. With a black frame made of cube-shaped between the skeleton provides space to put various purposes with wooden boxes as an area of buffer goods in it.

Not only books and decorations, but the timber can be a plant pot placed on the partition frame. Timber can be installed in any frame. Uniquely again this partition will let you arrange balances according to your mood. Even the appearance can change at any time according to your wishes.

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