7 Ways to Choose a Useful Wedding Souvenir for Invited Guests


Souvenirs are a form of appreciation to the guests who have attended the wedding. As the main actor in a special event, you and your partner certainly do not want to see the invited guests disappointed with the wedding souvenir. You yourself would not want a happy day souvenir to end up in vain in the closet.

7 Ways to Choose a Useful Wedding Souvenir for Invited Guests
7 Ways to Choose a Useful Wedding Souvenir for Invited Guests

To prevent this from happening and your souvenirs become more liked and appreciated by the guests, here are 8 tips from The Knot that make it easier to arrange wedding souvenirs, to be more useful for invited guests.

1. Practical Thinking
Just like choosing a gift, you and your partner can contribute thoughts to choosing the right souvenir or reflect your relationship. No need to hurry, you can think slowly if this thing really wants to be shared to the guests.

You can consider practical or edible items. Foods like cake pop, macaroon, or mini cupcake could be an option. Some useful practical objects, such as local coffee, luggage tags, aromatherapy candles, or photo frames can also be an option.

2. No Need Initial Name
Hold yourself to embed the initials of your name and spouse in various places, including wedding souvenirs. Usually invited guests are often disappointed when useful souvenirs even become unattractive with the carving or painting monogram name of the couple. Especially if souvenirs in the form of goods that need on display.

You can outsmart them with packaged or strappy labels. It’s okay to give a personal touch in ribbons, labels, or packaging. This will make the souvenir more presentable.

3. Choose the Meaningful
You can specify a souvenir that suits your personality and the couple, the theme of the wedding, or any object that is liked by all family members. A box of cookies as well as grandmother-made recipes known to your family can be an idea. Food or drink typical of your area and your partner can also be packed in such a way as to make interesting as a souvenir.

4. Create your own
Although the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) souvenirs seem like the simplest way to save on budget, DIY souvenirs take a lot of time and effort. Creating and wrapping souvenirs for invitations that reach hundreds is certainly not easy so before you directly make a lot of souvenirs, you’ll want to make a number of samples first.

Choose souvenirs that can be made directly in large quantities, such as organic strawberry jam, kitchen spice mixer, or cooking kit. Ask for help from a close friend or siblings to put up a label or pack a souvenir.

5. Try Before Buying
Choosing to order wedding souvenirs in the form of food or goods with perfume should be done by ordering samples first. This can avoid you regret if it turns out the taste of the order cake is not as good as expectations or aromatherapy candles do not match the estimate. In fact, you’ll also need to double-check the packaging or label samples to avoid mis-writing.

6. Create Packaging
Packing a souvenir yourself can give a special appearance in accordance with what is in it. Nowadays there is a special party equipment store offering a variety of attractive packaging, from gift boxes, funny tins, paper bags, to attractive gift wrap. Align it with items that are used as souvenirs. If your souvenir is food that leaves a stain, use a paper bag or box that can absorb oil or stains. Alloy with oil paper that can prevent it from breaking out.

7. Souvenir Paste
Actually, souvenirs can be given anytime, when guests enter the building or when about to go home. However, it’s a good idea to display souvenirs in a place visible to the following invited guests with their decorations. In addition to attracting the attention of guests, you can give a thank-you card that gives a meaningful impression for invited guests.

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